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Monday, March 22, 2010

WHY? WHY must people inflict this upon me? What did I ever do to them? Seriously-- I'm walking down the hall, trying to get to class on time like a good student, and a pair of feather-heads who think with their reproductive organs are spread out across the hallway, taking up as much space as possible, and holding hands. Seriously? Seriously? Is it necessary to take up that much space and make people late to class? Let me answer that for you: NO!
The next couple I see doing this, I am going to karate chop your hands off.
I watched the movie Astro-Boy. It was made by Summit Entertainment, a.k.a. the people responsible for the disaster that is Twilight (and its sequels). It was sad. It started off all right, and I was like, "Cool." But then Toby died, and here I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, that's terrible." I was really looking forward to the rest of the movie. However, it just went downhill. It got really corny really fast. Small children would like it, I'm sure, but it isn't exactly appropriate and definitely does not reach any other audiences. I mean, the kid dies, and (spoiler) has his memories and personality downloaded into a robot by his dad the genius. But his dad just can't look at him or love him or anything, so he runs away.
This movie should win a corniness medal. It has the whole "I just want to fit in" shebang, and an "orphan" named Cora (I was almost named Cora, yikes). She actually just ran away because she felt like her parents didn't care, but at the end she finds them and it's SO HAPPY OMG!1! It was lame, which made me sad. I had really wanted to see this. I guess I'll just check out the original series or whatever, because that movie was disappointing. I could have written it better-- in fact, I wish I had written it. It would have been fun and the movie would have been a lot better. Who wrote the script, for heaven's sake. The have, like, NO sense of humor.
In other news, has anybody watched Lady and the Tramp recently? It's a great movie.

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