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Friday, February 5, 2010


I am a cat person. I have both a cat and a dog, a Siamese Mix named Charli and a Jack Russel Terrier named Nitro/Turnip Head, more commonly known as The Dog. And no offense to dear Nitro, but I just like my cat better. Sure, she yells at us at four in the morning and is a raging catnip addict and gives the most evil glares, but she's just so sweet! She slept on my lap on the couch at four in the morning with me after I woke up with a horrendous spider bite on my elbow. When the dog is being a spazz bean (as all Jack Russel Terriers are, I promise) and driving everybody insane, she swats his nose and hisses at him and suddenly he is the picture of meekness. And she doesn't kill me or even try to scratch me when I get hyper and put her on my head and wear her like a hat, and she's so purry and soft all the time.
My cat is great.
It really isn't her fault she's addicted to catnip anyway, it's mine. I accidentally spilled it on the bed, and she went over to sniff it and see what it was. Then she sneezed three times, sat down right on top of it all, closed her eyes, began breathing deeply, and started to purr. Now every time she's near some she does all that and then starts rolling around and rubbing her head against it, and then she'll just lie there next to it like a rock and not respond no matter how many times you poke her nose.
I don't know if I mentioned how furry, cuddly, and good-natured she is.
As opposed to the dog, who pees on the carpet and gets in the trash can and barks all the time...

It's a good thing we love him.

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