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Friday, May 14, 2010


Do you ever wonder why people are so cruel?
I have a few theories, but never mind that. The important thing is, that, um, ah, er, that is-- it's important that I had muffins for breakfast. Why is it important? Because otherwise I would have been hungry, and thus cranky, and thus in no mood to tell you that SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!!!
One more week after today. Five more days. That's all.
Of course, then I have three more years to look forward to.
Did I ever mention that I hate school? Shocking, isn't it? I'm bored out of my mind, and I'm one of those people who can't stand being bored. I'm not just bored with school, either, I'm bored with my entire life. Nothing ever happens. Which is why nobody reads this blog except my Journalism teacher; I have nothing to say. I have nothing to say because I have nothing to do; I have nothing to do because nothing ever happens to me. All I can do on this dumb blog is ramble endlessly. I look forward to sleeping because my dreams are interesting. Pathetic much? The alternative is being awake, you see, which means math and kickboxing and chores, or maybe being dead, which sounds dumb and pointless and even more boring because even if I went to Heaven I'd be stuck doing the same thing for ALL ETERNITY (!!!), which is kinda what I'm doing now, only hopefully only for the next three years.
I shouldn't be whining. Other peoples' lives suck a lot more than mine and here I am complaining because I'm bored.
It still sucks. Sorry.
I wish I could learn the things I want to learn, things that are interesting and actually useful. Literature is great and all, but the only reason I don't hate that class is because it's so easy for me and potentially entertaining when we're learning about something that my peers all hate (thus making it more likely that I already like whatever we're going over). I want to learn how to make things. I want to understand birds and flight and machinery so I can make myself some mechanical wings and fly so far away that no one will ever find me and make me do something boring ever again.