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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I EXEMPTED MATH!!! (By a Hair)

I exempted the Math I final exam! I missed two days of school, which means I had to make an A to exempt-- and here's the amazing part-- I DID. I got an A. In math. A 90, actually.
Maybe some people don't find this so amazing, but I haven't gotten a good grade in math since we started adding big numbers. I'm usually struggling to get a grade that my parents won't murder me for, but this year I got an A!
I've exempted everything, actually-- Drama, Honors Literature, and Journalism, not that I was worried about those classes. In those classes all I have to do is my work. No effort required on my part, which is kind of sad.
I do learn things, though. Which I guess is the point.
You know what?
Scooters, vacation, fall. My name is Mango!

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